Great news! The Gas Networks boiler rebate program for Boston homeowners has been extended. Homeowners who have a working boiler that is more than 30 years of age can receive a rebate on the purchase and installation of a new, high-efficiency gas boiler as long as they begin the rebate process by September 30. To qualify, installation of the new boiler must be completed by October 31.

Whether you currently have a hot-water heat system or a steam boiler in your home, you can take advantage of this great program, which can put as much as $3,500 back in your pocket. Thirty-year-old boilers are not efficient at all and end up costing you significantly to operate over the course of a year than high efficiency boilers do.

With this rebate program, you’ll save on the purchase and installation costs, and you’ll also save on the operational costs of the boiler over its lifetime because you’ll use less gas. You’ll benefit in a third way because the cost of gas is in steep decline right now, while the price of oil continues to rise. With the savings on the initial purchase, as well as the reduction in operating costs, you should be able to realize a return on your investment within two years.

To take advantage of the boiler rebate program, you must have a participating Boston heating and cooling contractor complete a home energy audit prior to September 30, 2012. Once the audit has been completed, the new boiler must be installed by October 31, 2012. Rebates of $3,500 on hot water boilers and $1,900 on steam boilers are being offered.

One important requirement of the program is that the boiler being replaced must be in working condition. The rebate is not available to homeowners who are installing a boiler for the first time or to replace a non-boiler heating system. The contractor that performs the energy audit will verify the operational status of your boiler.

For more information about this great rebate opportunity, please give us a call at Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating at (617) 362-0377 . We’ll set up an appointment for your home energy audit and help you complete the process of qualifying for this extraordinary rebate program.

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