What Makes Boston Standard Company A Company You Can Count On?

We have a whole team driving the same direction and working for your ultimate satisfaction. You should expect the best when you hire Boston Standard and choosing our company tagline wasn’t an easy task, but one that we deliberated on for many nights – and we are happy we’ve found the words that convey our true goal. The Company You Count On means that whether it is for your home, your business, your friend or your family, we are here for you. We don’t settle for average and we want your to expect the best from us, that is our resting point.

Why Do I Care If The Truck Is Really Stocked?

Most plumbing and HVAC companies juggle multiple jobs in order to maximize profits. Since they charge by the hour, they have a vested interest in taking a long time- not Boston Standard Company Standard. Our pricing is upfront and by the job; we get to work on your plumbing, heating, cooling or drain cleaning needs right away. Furthermore, all work is warranted 100%.

We Come To You In Our Rolling Warehouses.

When you take a day off, you should be able to count on the company you’ve hired to get your issues fixed right away. At Boston Standard, we know your time is valuable. Our fully stocked trucks are service warehouses on wheels- packed to the gills with products that save you time & money. And if we’ve run out of what you need, you don’t pay us to go and get it.

Why Should I Care If My Plumber Has A License?

Unlicensed plumbers are no more that helpers and handymen. Lack of permits & inspections can prevent the sale of a home and even the payment of an insurance claim. Unskilled workers can place your property and belongings in jeopardy due to illegal installs. In the event that these illegal items fail and cause damage to life or property, you, the homeowner may wind up on the hook! Don’t take a risk when making repairs to your home; hire a licensed plumber – we protect the health of the nation and we take our job seriously.

We Are Properly Licensed?

Boston Standard Company is a Master Plumbing, Gas-fitting & Sheet Metal Corporation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This license represents our familiarity with the Plumbing, Gas and Sheet Metal Code and ensures the work done in your home is up to the standard – not just the standard of the appropriate board, but The Boston Standard.

What Do I Need A Company With All This Insurance For?

If you hire a company to work in your home, you assume many liabilities if they don’t carry the proper insurance. A responsible company like Boston Standard will place their insurance behind their work, which means that you’re protected in the event of an unfortunate accident or similar issue. You deserve this when hiring a professional and can always ask us to provide proof of this important detail.

We Are Fully Insured.

Boston Standard Company is a registered Plumbing Corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We voluntarily carry 2 times the legal minimum of liability insurance. When it comes to your home, business or condominium, don’t take a chance with whom you hire – relax knowing that Boston Standard cares for your property as if it were our own.

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