Do you need a reliable plumbing and HVAC company? Do you want easy, hassle-free, professional service? Are you looking for upfront, competitive pricing? Look no further. Because customers agree: Boston Standard is the Company You Count On.

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Deandra Williams
Deandra Williams 5.0

Josh C. And Jay did a amazing job, and beyond what I expected. I am grateful for services and use Boston Standard in the future.

Craig Coldstream
Craig Coldstream 5.0

My third install with the NE Ductless Team! Great bunch of folks from Corey to the installers.

James Smith
James Smith 5.0
mark Ikuewan
mark Ikuewan 5.0

Josh Cassidy. Is sure a wonderful Technician.. very knowledgeable, polite and understanding in answering all my novices questions. Thanks Josh C.

Donna Henderson
Donna Henderson 5.0

These guys are great. Good workman, courtesy and kept me informed during the process. A little expensive, but was worth it in an emergency situation for me. I had company coming. You can't cook in the dark. Thanks Guys. When I need electrical work ...done I k ow who to call. BOSTON STANDARD.. They do great installing heating systems and maintenance .Read More...

Praveen Khare
Praveen Khare 5.0
Patrick D
Patrick D 5.0

Had a great experience with Boston Standard. They were very knowledgeable and professional throughout an otherwise difficult situation in my home.

Geno Forgit
Geno Forgit 1.0

I was quoted $573 to clean my mini split system. I explained it was one condenser and four heads and had mold in it. When the technician showed up, he told me the price was gonna be $1000 because there were 4 heads, and overall $1900 cause the system ...required“a deep clean“ because of the mold, (which we told the company and got the original $573 quote). When they sent me an email quote , It was only gonna cover three heads, not the four that I have. So I called and asked to speak with a manager to explain Question why they weren’t four heads on the quote. The following day, I had someone claiming to be the operation manager of the business named Fari, she was rude condescending, and every time I tried to speak she cut me off midsentence and clearly didn’t listen to me at all. I did my best to keep asking her to de-escalate the situation And she mocked me. She repeatedly asked and argued with me about how many heads I had, and when I told her there were four she repeatedly said the technician says there are three so that’s why he sent you that quote. I explained… I have told your company every time I called , and that you’ve been here, that there are four heads. So can you give me a quote for the four heads. It took her 15 minutes, and asked me seven times how many heads there were in the system. And finally came up with a quote of around $2600. Then she told me I was being rude for questioning her and hung up the phone. This officially losing an existing customer. I have contacted 3 other mini split cleaning companies, and I was able to get quotes from two people with great reviews, to clean the entire forehead system for less than $700 , The third company did not get back to me. I cannot in good conscious recommend this companyRead More...

Teodor Georgiev
Teodor Georgiev 5.0

The new heat pump system works great and I am very happy with Boston Standard for the work they did. Everything went according to schedule and I appreciate all the coordinating of different contractors. They were also super knowledgeable through the ...whole process about the systems, the loan process, and the rebate process. Also, I'll say that they did the work right the first time around, and if you've ever dealt with a contractor that didn't do that, you'll know how valuable that is.Read More...

Brian Strout
Brian Strout 5.0
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