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Do you need a reliable plumbing and HVAC company? Do you want easy, hassle-free, professional service? Are you looking for upfront, competitive pricing? Look no further. Because customers agree: Boston Standard is the Company You Count On.

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Boston Standard Van
Fabrizio Gentili
Fabrizio Gentili 5.0

Thank you for helping us fix our HVAC during a heat wave. Anthony Prosper is very thorough and methodical. He explained things clearly and was extremely nice.

Julie Curti
Julie Curti 1.0

We paid significant $$ to have our HVAC system serviced at the start of the season and two weeks later it stopped working. The company won't come to fix it for at least two weeks (in the middle of a heat wave in July!) and will charge a fee just to show ...up. Unacceptable and definitely do not recommend.Read More...

Peter Krasnausky
Peter Krasnausky 5.0

Bill H. Came out. Did a great job.

Phung Vo
Phung Vo 1.0

Absolutely unbelieve horrible service - had a service call to look at the system 2 weeks ago and had tech come out. He looked at system and said it a coolant leak and manufacturer would cover it. Waited two weeks for a return call - then was told $4,300 just look at the system and that the warranty does not transfer. 2 weeks to get a call back to explain their mistake. Great company if you have the $$$ to pay for it. EDIT - 06/25 - I got a response from their customer service manager, essentially blaming the manufacturer for the two weeks delay in even follow-up with a call and waiting for me to call THEM to for a response. Boston Standard called me at 10AM to let me know that a 2PM appointment would cost $4,300. Make your own decision if you want to go with this company Response: "I understand that you were hoping to have a leak search done under warranty; something we discovered wasn’t possible after speaking with the manufacturer. I completely understand your frustration, but do want to assure you that we took all necessary steps to try getting this covered for you. I also understand it took a very long time for us to hear back from the manufacturer, and I apologize that you were on the receiving end of that wait time as well."Read More...

Matt Stansky
Matt Stansky 5.0

Bill H was very helpful in figuring out what was wrong with our water heater. Highly recommend

Christopher Beck
Christopher Beck 5.0

Anthony P was great at diagnosing our HVAC problem and got us up and running quickly. Thanks Anthony!

Peter Buzzelle
Peter Buzzelle 5.0
Isabella Prosper
Isabella Prosper 5.0

Anthony is so nice 🙂

Daniel V
Daniel V 2.0

Very smooth presentation. Always showed up precisely on time for my water heater maintenance. However they kept telling me different things and quoted me an insane amount of money to replace units that didn't need to be replaced. Another time, I had a ...bidet I wanted to install but I couldn't reach the hose under the toilet. I sent them photos for scheduling and they said they could do it. The guy came and quoted me $1,600 to fully remove the toilet and install a new one because he said that was the only option. I ended up finding a $15 part on Amazon (took two minutes) and that worked perfectly. $1,600 vs $15! During our last water heater maintenance, I saw that the technician spilled a giant puddle of water on the floor and was apparently going to leave it (soaking into the walls) until I asked him to clean it up. Also, he broke a seal and left a leak, which Boston Standard said they'd come back to fix but never did.Read More...

Timothy Stone
Timothy Stone 5.0

I want to express our huge appreciation for the professionalism and exceptional technical acumen of Boston Standard service technician Alex Sullivan. Alex diagnosed and remedied our malfunctioning heat pump when no one else could. Alex asked first about ...the nature of the dysfunctional sound the machine was emitting. When Alex concluded the sound seemed like a mechanical issue rather than a water problem, she requested access to the attic, directly above, found that bits of insulation had clogged the machine, removed this impediment, and raised the access point to prevent further disruption. Alex was also the only technician to correctly diagnose the cause of malfunction of our remotes. Had they fallen to the floor by chance? Why, yes. This, Alex demonstrated, had dislodged the batteries. Alex also discerned between older remote models and improved ones. No other technician has displayed anywhere near this level of knowledge and critical thinking. I want to also note Alex's calm and positive demeanor. She effuses soft spoken confidence, integrity and an understated enthusiasm for her work. She's able to listen and explain with patience, respect, and logic. In an era where people place inordinate value on someone's "dynamic energy" Alex Sullivan present an unusually constructive combination of traits and skills for both a service professional and a future managerial leader. She single-handedly has turned Boston Standard into a company with stellar customer service.Read More...

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