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When the temperature heats up this spring and summer, you’ll rely on your home’s air conditioner to keep you cool. You’ll also rely on it to keep you safe, as exposure to extreme heat can take a toll on your health and well-being. Even if your air conditioner is working perfectly today, it doesn’t mean this will hold true tomorrow. You never know when an emergency could move to the forefront.

Here are five common air conditioner emergencies to watch for this summer:

1. Blowing warm air
It’s bad enough if your air conditioner stops working during the warm summer months. But it’s even worse if your system is blowing warm air. The second you realize this is happening is the second you should shut down your system and call a professional.

2. Refrigerant leak
A refrigerant leak hinders your system’s ability to cool your home. And in some cases, depending on the severity of the leak, it’ll eliminate the ability for it to produce cold air.

3. Electrical control failure
As you know, your central AC system relies on electricity to run. So, if you have an electrical control failure, it’s unable to do its job. Sometimes this is an emergency that requires professional repair. But other times, you may be mistaking an electrical control failure for something less serious, such as a tripped breaker.

Note: electrical issues are nothing to take lightly, as they have the potential to damage your system, start a fire, or cause electrocution.

4. A malfunctioning thermostat
It’s not the most serious problem, but it requires immediate attention. You need a properly functioning thermostat to control your system. There are many causes of a malfunctioning thermostat ranging from old batteries to a unit that simply needs to be replaced.

5. Malfunctioning dampers
Most residential ductwork systems — especially in newer homes — have dampers in the main supply line to control airflow to each room. Poorly balanced or malfunctioning dampers make it more difficult — or even impossible — to cool some rooms. This isn’t the biggest emergency, as you can always spend time in the coolest rooms of your home, but it can be a major inconvenience. For example, if your master bedroom isn’t getting enough cool air, it’ll make it difficult to sleep at night.

All of these air conditioner problems have one thing in common: they stop your system from providing you with the cool air you’re seeking. And with that, you don’t have anywhere to hide from the extreme summer heat. So, what should you do in the event of an air conditioner emergency? Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, turn off the power to your system and contact us. We provide 24-hour emergency AC services to ensure that you’re taken care of at any time of the day, any day of the week. If you have a true emergency and require immediate assistance, it’s best to call us at (617) 362-0377

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