It’s easy to forget about your home’s electrical system when everything’s working properly. But when an electrical issue arises, it becomes abundantly clear just how much our home’s comfort and security rely on this energy source. Understandably, Boston homeowners are eager to solve these issues as quickly as possible. Although there are some instances when electrical DIY can solve the problem, you’ll need to rely on the experts to solve most of your home’s electrical hiccups. To help keep homeowners safe and their homes in full operation, we’re going to review 6 signs it’s time to call an electrical expert.

Your outlets don’t have any GCFIs
Outlets with a higher risk of encountering water should be outfitted with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GCGIs). If water were to come into contact with an outlet when you’re using it, the GCFI would cut off the power automatically to prevent electrocution. Typically, outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and other areas where water is present have this safety measure built in. Whether you’ve performed some electrical DIY or have an older home, you might have to call a professional to get GFCIs installed.

The same breakers keep tripping.
It’s not uncommon for fuses to blow occasionally. But if you’re noticing the same breaker tripping repeatedly, it could suggest a deeper issue. Usually, repeatedly blown fuses are the result of a wiring problem although pumping too much energy through a circuit can also trip breakers consistently.
That’s why it’s crucial to determine a breaker’s wattage capacity to prevent overloading. Having a professional inspect the breaker can help pinpoint the underlying cause of the issue so you can rest assured the problem is solved while also saving money on fuses.

Your lights are flickering.
When you see a light flicker on and off, it’s usually indicative of faulty wiring. Power is making it to the light, just not consistently enough for consistent illumination. If you’re lucky, the issue is in the light fixture itself which is a quick fix. Simply replacing the light bulb should do the trick. However, the issue could also result from damaged wiring or wattage incompatibility. If switching out the light fixture doesn’t solve the issue, it’s time to call in the experts.

There’s rust near the breaker box.
Rust is a common sign of wear and tear for many household appliances, but it’s a serious problem for electric systems. Even the smallest bit of rust near a breaker box might be a sign that water is somehow getting close to the panel. And all Boston homeowners know the dangers surrounding the contact of electricity and water. Considering that electrical issues account for 51,000 fires, 500 deaths, and over a billion in property damage each year, it’s critical to contact a professional if you notice rust near your home’s breaker box, preferably an expert that offers 24/7 electrical services.

The wiring in your home is outdated.
Do you know the age of your home’s electrical system off-hand? If you’re like most Boston homeowners, you’ve never really given it any thought. Unless you’re living in a recently built home, there’s a good chance your electrical system is due for an upgrade. The quality of electrical systems has improved significantly over the years in terms of security and energy efficiency. If you’re dealing with an outdated system, it’s a good time to call a professional to see what upgrades are necessary. Considering that Massachusetts has some of the oldest homes in the country, it’s an important consideration for many Bostonians.

Your energy demands have increased.
The energy demands of Boston homeowners change over time. Adding new family members, installing new appliances, and other natural changes can increase the strain on your current system which was initially outfitted when you had fewer energy requirements. If you’re always short on open outlets, consistently relying on extension cords, or always tripping fuses because of wattage issues, it’s safe to assume your electric system isn’t doing the job. An electrician can help upgrade your electric system to meet your current energy demands for optimum performance. You’ll even cut down on your energy bills too.

Looking for a local Boston electrician? You’re in the right place! The professionals at Boston Standard Plumbing offer a wide range of electrical services from circuit breaker replacements and LED lighting upgrades to emergency repairs and everything in between. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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