Boston summers are heating up. You definitely don’t want your air conditioning (A/C) unit breaking down in the middle of a heatwave!

Air Conditioner Repair Services in Boston, MAIf that unfortunately happens, Boston Standard Company has got you covered. We will repair your broken A/C unit with ease and efficiency, so you get back to cool and comfortable quickly. We want you to have a great summer without the headache of a broken air conditioner.

If your A/C unit won’t turn on, emits warm air or has reduced air velocity, it may be time for A/C repair. Any time your air conditioning unit stops working properly, it’s better to call a trained HVAC technician to diagnose the problem than to try and fix it yourself. You could risk injuring yourself, damaging your property or making the problem worse.

Our air conditioning repair professionals are highly experienced, fully licensed and well-insured, ready at all hours of the day to help you stay cool and relaxed. Call us for A/C repair service any time of the year.

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Air Conditioning Repairs

Common A/C Issues
  • Poor airflow
  • A/C blowing warm air or smoke
  • Loud A/C system noises
  • Irregular cycling
  • A/C water leaks
  • Bad A/C smells
Broken A/C
  • A/C won’t turn on
  • A/C won’t turn off
  • Thermostat won’t turn on
  • Control system failure
  • Blown fuse
  • Blown circuit breaker
Common Cooling Problems
  • Low refrigerant
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Disrupted electric controls
  • Clogged air filters
  • Clogged ductwork
  • Malfunctioning compressor
  • Malfunctioning condenser
  • Malfunctioning evaporator coil
  • Broken A/C fan
  • Stuck fan relay
  • Thermostat short

Don’t Sweat It—We’ll Fix It

An air conditioning unit can seem like a mystery. All you know is that you need it to work when it’s sweltering outside. That’s where we come in. Our technicians have years of A/C training and experience. We diagnose the problem to figure out the correct solution and let you know exactly what the issue is. Why waste time wondering what’s wrong when you can simply call in an expert?

A/C Repair Solutions
  • Run diagnostic tests
  • Locate and repair leaks
  • Recharge the A/C system
  • Unclog drains
  • Replace air filters
  • Repair or replace broken parts
  • Clean or replace ductwork
  • Repair electric controls
  • Repair fans
  • Repair thermostat

Treat Your Air Conditioner Like the Necessity It Is

Boston Standard - Licensed & Insured

Our Home Protection Plan Is Easy Breezy.

At Boston Standard Company, we offer the highest quality customer service. Our Home Protection Plan is for homeowners who prioritize easy, convenient A/C services year-round. You’ve got better things to do than stress out about air conditioning.

Starting at just $20.75/month, a Heating and Cooling Home Protection Plan offers precision maintenance so you can make sure your A/C unit is operating at fully capacity—always. If any issue does arise, you’ll get 10% off repairs, discounted service charges and a priority response every time you call. Why worry? Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of ease and relief during the hot summer months.

Professional A/C Repair Services in Boston, MA

Call In a Professional You Can Trust for A/C Repair

As Eastern Massachusetts residents ourselves, we know how important it is to have a service technician you can trust, especially when it’s the peak of summer and your A/C needs repair. Boston Standard Company is a family-run company with outstanding customer ratings. We’ve received a “Super Service Award” from our local Angie’s List 10 years in a row. Our customers mean everything to us—so you know you’re in good hands when you call us to repair your A/C system.

  • Air conditioning leaks could mean you have a clogged drain line.
  • Our AC professionals test, diagnose and assess what’s not working.
  • A working A/C means more than just comfort—it can help prevent heat stroke, especially in older adults and vulnerable populations.

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All work we perform in your home or business is above code and beyond safe. Risk-free, pro service is our promise to you. And it’s backed by more than words. Your HVAC technician is highly trained and EPA certified. Your A/C service is protected by 2X the legal minimum of liability insurance. The Company You Count On is licensed as a master plumbing, gas-fitting, and sheet metal corporation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Extreme heat threatens more than comfort. It can be deadly. We’ll make sure you and your family stay safe and cool all summer. You can count on 24/7 emergency A/C repair service. For stifling days. For suffocating nights. For the second your air conditioner fails. You are covered. You can expect certified techs on the scene at once. You can trust Home Protection Plan to prevent future problems.


Install a new central air conditioning unit or ductless A/C system. Banish brutal Boston heat from your home. Crisp, refreshing air. Guaranteed. Up to 12 years or the lifespan of the coils.* Or we’ll fix it for free. Learn more about out A/C installation and ductless A/C installation solutions.

*Limited Lifetime Warranties on the coils. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.

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These guys are amazing. They arrived on-time, were polite/friendly, and finished quickly. Given the current state of things, they provided no contact service, work face masks, and gloves. Excellent service!
Very professional plumber group. Every step, from setting up an appointment, to the job itself was executed at 5 star levels. Install was thorough and the follow up after the job included a specific write up with many pictures to confirm findings. Best option in town.
Timothy Heller
I have had great luck with the plumbers sent to my home. Not only did Elvis m. and Frank M. take time to explain everything they, like the other people in your company were friendly and cooperative and worked fast and efficiently. Your workers are your strongest value to your company.
Patricia Sullivan
Any time I have a problem with plumbing, heating or air conditioning, they have been there for me. They’ve always been responsive and work around my schedule or needs.
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Boston Standard Company keeps the cool air flowing in homes and businesses throughout the Eastern Massachusetts Area. Give us a call. We’re a local, family-run plumbing and HVAC company, and we’re committed to giving you and your family the highest quality service at the best value in Boston. This is a promise we back up with certifications, licenses, and insurance.

You can count on us when the A/C goes out. We’ve got your air conditioning needs covered in Boston, MA: A/C repair; A/C tune-up; A/C installation and replacement; and ductless A/C installation solutions. We’re proud to serve our community with the highest possible standard of plumbing, heating and cooling work—the Boston Standard.

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If your A/C unit suddenly stops turning on, it could be caused by any number of factors: a problem with the condenser or thermostat, a blown fuse or circuit breaker, or a broken motor or compressor.

If your thermostat is set properly and your A/C unit is not blowing cool air, you could have a blocked or dirty air condenser. Try removing any debris or weeds from outside. The warm air could also be caused by a dirty air filter, which can be checked and replaced. Finally, you could have a more structural problem with the compressor or refrigerant, which could be a more serious A/C emergency.

Air conditioning units use the refrigerant Freon to operate, and unless there is a leak, you shouldn’t need to recharge the A/C system. That being said, if you notice warm air coming from the vents instead of cool air, your energy bill is unusually high, you have ice on your outdoor refrigerant lines or you hear a hissing or bubbling sound, these could all be signs that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere and need to hire a professional to repair the leak and add more Freon. The sooner you take care of a refrigerant leak, the better.