Summary Of Job

South Boston is one of the most rapidly changing neighborhoods in Boston, and while every condo seems to include granite counters and gas fireplaces, usually the old heating and cooling systems are left as is. This new condo owner has a great space at the top of a classic triple decker, but there is no cooling whatsoever and summer is unbearable!

The Solution

Our Mitsubishi FH-Series Hyper Heat system will provide complete cooling and heating comfort for this homeowner – with a system mounted on the roof on a clever little spot at the back wall, so the indoor unit will provide heating and cooling for the whole space. Notice how nicely our installers ran the piping across the roof supports – this install is designed to last. We secured the outdoor unit to the chimney to ensure it is stable during heavy weather and our roofer did a perfect sleeve through the rubber roof. The result is a home that our client can be happy to come home to at any time of the year!