Summary Of Job

Living on the wharf over in Charlestown is a beautiful experience – grand views of the city and ocean, and a feeling of living in a maritime environment. Unfortunately, the developer of this property used very basic water heaters which leaked ever 6 or so years and there were no considerations for how to add humidity which is so vital on the dry winter days.

The Solution

After examining the project and developing a game plan, we installed a lifetime warranty HTP Everlast water heater with a Caleffi tank-mixer, which protects from scalding. We also added a Taco Leak Breaker on the water main to protect the whole house while the residents were traveling. In addition, we added in an Aprilaire steam humidifier unit, the model 865, which is designed for homes where there is not access to ductwork. Because humidity travels very well through air, this Aprilaire unit will provide humidity control across all three levels of the home. To top it all off, we added the Aprilaire 8920W WiFi thermostat – a true Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) product, meaning it was designed by an IAQ company, not a technology company. This thermostat will sense the outside temperatures and modulate the humidity to maximize the home’s humidity while preventing the windows from sweating, and it is all controlled by the customer’s cell phone. Another quality project from The Company You Count On!