Summary Of Job

This old beauty was being heated by a low efficiency burner that only had one speed – all the way (or nothing)! We performed a heating analysis and determined that not only could we downsize the equipment to make it more accurately sized, but we could also transfer it to a Trane S-Series 97% AFUE furnace with a multi-stage burner.

The Solution

This means the new system will work along with the weather – when it is super cold it’ll run full blast, but when it is mild it’ll run at half speed. The client is thrilled and has a new Wi-Fi thermostat to top it all off, so now setting the temp is as easy as using their phone. We anticipate they will save around 30-50% of their heating costs. This is a good example of how we are The Company You Count On – people count on us to do things the right way and here is a great installation to show it off!