Boiler Replacement and Installation Services in Boston, MA

Are you thinking about switching from a furnace to a boiler? Boilers operate by heating water, and then transmitting that heat to the building through radiators or floorboards. This makes them more efficient than furnaces because water is a better conductor of heat.

Boilers offer consistent heating, and they don’t spread allergens and dust through the air like furnaces. Boilers also generally require less maintenance than furnaces and can last decades when properly maintained.

If you’re thinking about replacing your old boiler or investing in new boiler installation, we’re here to help! Steam boiler or hot water boiler? High efficiency or standard efficiency? We’ll help you think through the important considerations when it comes to boiler replacement and installation for a secure and long-lasting investment.

All of our boiler installations are backed by our high-quality, customer-service guarantee. Our trusted boiler installation professionals do the job right, and that’s why we’re The Company You Count On.

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Boiler Replacement & Installation Services

Boiler Replacement Considerations
  • Size of home or business
  • Type of property
  • Size of new boiler
  • Number of bathrooms and showers
  • Boiler flow rate
  • Water pressure
  • High efficiency vs. standard efficiency
  • Steam boiler vs. hot water boiler
Signs a Boiler Might Need To Be Replaced
  • Older than 15 years
  • Low energy efficiency
  • Takes longer to heat up
  • Leaking
  • Yellow burner flame
  • Strange smells
  • Uneven heating
  • Replacement parts not available
Boiler Replacement Options
  • Fire-tube boiler
  • Water tube boiler
  • Electric boiler
  • Steam boiler
  • High efficiency
  • Standard efficiency

Upgrade to High-Efficiency Boiler Heating with Boston Standard Company

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Replacing an Old Boiler Is a Big Decision—We Can Help

When it comes to replacing a boiler, there are a lot of factors to consider. How do you choose which energy-efficient upgrade to go with? Which brand? Which system? Our experienced and licensed boiler installers are experts at helping homeowners and families choose a boiler that will serve them well for many years to come. We carry all the best boiler brands, and every installation comes with a warranty. Considering the long lifespan of a boiler, we want to make sure we get you set up with the perfect heating system for your Boston home or business.

We Only Install The Best Boiler Brands

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Reliable Boiler Installation—Guaranteed

One of the worst causes of boiler repairs is improper installation. If you’re going to invest in a high-efficiency boiler heater, you don’t want to have to deal with issues caused by a botched installation job later. Installing a boiler is no rookie job, and with poor installation, you could be facing problems like leaks caused by loose connections, poor water circulation caused by bad pipework, or even gas leaks. Our Boston Standard Company boiler installation team is fully licensed and insured, with many years of experience for a safe, quality installation every time. We’re a family-run company, so we will give you the best service possible—as if you were our own next-door neighbor.

Professional Boiler Replacement & Installation

Installing a boiler system can be one of the most efficient and practical ways to heat a home or business. The price of installation, type of boiler maintenance, and level of energy efficiency will all depend on what type of boiler you decide to go with and how your building is set up.

Professional Boiler Installation in Boston, MADo you need to install new ductwork or gas lines? What type of boiler material and fuel system will best serve you? These are the questions our experienced boiler installers will help you answer.

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  • Boston Standard Company has been given excellent customer ratings on Yelp and Angie’s List, as well as recognized by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Boiler installation is not a job for DIY amateurs; call in the professionals to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Boilers are more efficient than furnaces because water is a better thermal conductor than air.

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Your failed boiler is enough trouble for you and your family. But a handyman can make the problem worse. If you’ve ever dealt with banging pipes, wet steam, or high fuel bills…You already know the havoc unskilled workers can wreak in your home or business. You get pro service only with Boston Standard Company. You can count on professional technicians with training from the Institute of Boiler Ratings (IBR) and North American steam expert Dan Holohan. State master plumbing, gas-fitting and sheet metal corporation licenses confirm their skills and expertise. And 2X the legal minimum of liability insurance backs all work performed in your house.


Restoring heat to your home or business can be a matter of life and death during a polar vortex. Rest assured your and your family’s safety and comfort are our top priority. You can count on Boston Standard Company during extreme winter weather. You can expect faster heating repairs thanks to our rolling warehouses. Home Protection Plans take the worry out of your New England winters. So you can enjoy more warm and cozy days with your family.


When we install a new boiler system, you can count on it doing its job: keeping you and your family warm from one harsh winter to the next. No heat. No-cost repairs. For the life of the warranty. That’s our promise to you.

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These guys are amazing. They arrived on-time, were polite/friendly, and finished quickly. Given the current state of things, they provided no contact service, work face masks, and gloves. Excellent service!
Very professional plumber group. Every step, from setting up an appointment, to the job itself was executed at 5 star levels. Install was thorough and the follow up after the job included a specific write up with many pictures to confirm findings. Best option in town.
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I have had great luck with the plumbers sent to my home. Not only did Elvis m. and Frank M. take time to explain everything they, like the other people in your company were friendly and cooperative and worked fast and efficiently. Your workers are your strongest value to your company.
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Any time I have a problem with plumbing, heating or air conditioning, they have been there for me. They’ve always been responsive and work around my schedule or needs.
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Boston Standard Company serves the families and business owners of the Eastern Massachusetts Area. As a local, family-owned and operated plumbing and HVAC company, we take keeping you and your family warm and safe during Boston’s harsh winters seriously. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond the industry standard for skill, safety, and reliability.

Call Boston Standard Company for your boiler repair and maintenance, furnace repair, or heat pump repairs. For your oil-to-gas conversions. For your high-efficiency boiler installation, heat pump install, furnace installation, or ductless heat pump installation. You can count on us when the heat goes out.

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Old boilers are generally not dangerous because if something is wrong, it will likely turn off and refuse to work, but an old boiler could be dangerous if you smell gas, if there are signs of scorching or burning, if the pilot light is yellow, or if people experience headaches or nausea while the boiler is on.

No. Installing a new boiler requires both licensure and insurance. Boiler installation carries significant safety risks. Homeowner’s insurance claims may also be rejected if the boiler system was installed without following proper legal guidelines and safety codes. This job should always be left to a professional. Call Boston Standard Company, we’re here to help.

It may take between one and three days to complete a proper boiler installation, depending on the complexity of the job.