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Gas Furnace Replacement

We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) dealer, which means we’re both factory trained and able to offer extended warranties, but also that we’ve invested much time and effort to achieve this benchmark. Hiring Boston Standard for your next HVAC replacement project means you’re going to get a committed firm with excellent attention to detail, and what is more important when you get right down to it? You deserve to know that your new system was installed flawlessly.
Like all HVAC products in the United States, furnaces have changed very much in the last 20 years. New systems include multi-stage gas valves, variable-speed indoor fans, higher efficiency and tighter mechanical requirements, and it requires a higher level of understanding from the installation team to ensure the equipment works at the manufacturer intended. In fact, a great system and a poor installation have been shown to deliver dismal results, so we took a different approach. We install our furnaces and air handlers to meet or exceed all mechanical requirements and to guarantee proper operation. At Boston Standard, we live by our tag line The Company You Count On, and that means delivering the best to each and every customers, day in and day out.

High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

To get the most from a gas furnace, you need to pay attention. Proper airflow, duct design and humidity control are all essential to a properly operating system. Ignore one of these features and you’ll wind up with an appliance that fails prematurely. We have a checklist that we use to make sure nothing is missed when we upgrade a client to a high efficiency system, and that checklist and our team approach to working in your home or business will ensure you get a system that lasts a very long time.

Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces

Heating and cooling systems have some inherent flaws – they are sized for the worst parts of the year – the coldest and the hottest day. That means that you produce enough heat for the 0 degree day and enough cooling for the 95 degree day… everyday…! That doesn’t make sense to me! What happens when you have a mild September day or a mild day in June? The system is dramatically oversized, and you wind up short-cycling and running inefficiently. Enter Variable Speed. What this means is that your furnace or AC system can adjust itself, much like the way you’d drive your car – faster on the highway, slower in the city. Smart HVAC systems are variable-speed, and we install smart systems in a smart manner. Now that’s a smart choice!

Humidity, Clean Air and More

For years, a 1” thick filter was the standard for all furnaces, and why? Because the manufacturers had to give you something! Cheapskates! They provided the absolute minimum requirement to protect your appliance and nothing more, but luckily things have changed – more and more people realize the impact of environmental concerns and proper air quality and are opting for higher quality air filters and similar accessories.
Today, a proper installation consists of not only delivering warmth and cooling, but regulating humidity and cleaning the air of allergens and other contaminants. At Boston Standard, we offer the industry leading Trane Clean Effects electronic air cleaner as well as the full suite of Aprilaire Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products to ensure that your home’s air is as clean as could be. Call today and find out why We’re The Company You Count On.



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