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Leak Repairs

Day or night, Boston Standard is here for you. If you can think of something that is leaking in your house, we can fix it. Drains, water lines, valves, fittings and everything in between.

Gas Piping & Fitting Service

Hire a Master Gasfitter from Boston Standard to repair or repipe your gas lines. We can bring your system up to code in no time! We are licensed for the installation of new “CSST” flexible gas lines, which can cut your installation time (and cost!) in half.

Commercial Water Heater Installation & Service

If you own a business, especially a restaurant, you understand the dire importance of hot water. Our industry-first Commercial Water Heater program joins Boston Standard with the most innovative supply house in the Boston Area for the ultimate in 24-hour service. Having access to over 200 models of gas & electric water heaters is just another reason Boston Standard is The Company You Count On.

Water Heaters & Tankless On-Demand Water Heaters

Our rolling warehouses are stocked with water heaters and many repair parts… So when that tank lets go in the middle of the night- just call Boston Standard. And if you’re thinking of switching your tank to a money saving Tankless Water Heater, count on Boston Standard for the best installation and value anywhere.

Toilets, Faucets & Sinks

For the repair of your old, antique faucet, or the installation of a new vanity sink, Boston Standard has you covered. Or is it time to get rid of that old 5 gallon flush toilet that takes 10 minutes to refill? We think so too. With our new High Efficiency Toilets that consume a meager 1.28 GPF, the average household can save 25,000 gallons of fresh water annually!

Drain Cleaning & Drain Treatment

If the shower fills up to your ankles and the toilet backs up- it’s time to call Boston Standard. We’ll clean those drains out completely, advise you towards proper service, and set you up with regular Drain Treatments to keep your drains running like a dream!

Sump Pumps

Instead of letting that basement water problem get out of hand, let Boston Standard help out. Ground water sneaks up everywhere, and can be disastrous, causing mold, property damage and unsanitary conditions. Our sump pump systems can reduce the risk of flooding by pumping away ground water, and notifying you with an alarm if the pump fails. Ask about our battery backup systems in the event of a power failure.

Sewage Ejectors

Sewage Ejectors are a major part of your home, responsible for discharging waste into the sewer system. When an ejector fails, it isn’t pretty. Luckily, at Boston Standard, we keep them in stock so we can get you back to normal in no time.

Dishwasher, Refrigerator & Stove Installation

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of your new appliances by selecting Boston Standard for their perfect installation! We treat your home and new appliances with the utmost care, which ensures that the equipment will be installed to last a lifetime. Your new appliances won’t sustain damage during install, and neither will your hardwood floors, tiles and countertops.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

So the tub, the tile, the toilet and the sink match? And they’re pink? We’ve been in that bathroom before! For professional remodel service, count on Boston Standard. We work with your design to create the space that you truly want.

Water Filtration

Although Boston water is ranked in the top five for quality- nationwide- some of our distribution lines are still REALLY old. This results in some pretty nasty water coming out of your taps. If lugging cases of bottled water isn’t your thing, call Boston Standard for comprehensive water solutions.

Professional, thorough, on time.
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Catherine B. Roslindale, MAYelp Reviewer

Great service and fair prices.
I’ve tried others and they were either too small and unable to respond quickly.

Marianne C. - Boston, MACity Search Reviewer

Very impressed.
They left me with considerable knowledge of our new heating/AC system, and with a mind put at ease.

Paul Thomas - South Weymouth, MAAngie’s List Reviewer

They worked very hard and they were clean and neat. I can’t say enough good things about them.
They were wonderful.

Therese & James Monahan - Dorchester, MAAngie’s List Reviewer

Boston Standard gave us a very reasonable price, came by several times,
and still deserves 5 stars.

Ack C. - Boston, MAYelp reviewer

They saved us almost $700 and their honesty made us customers for life.

D.H. - Jamaica Plain, MAYelp Reviewer

Mark was very professional. He greeted me kindly, put on shoe covers, and was very thorough.

Carolyn Wintner - Boston, MAAngie’s List Reviewer
Toilets, Showers &
Makes up Boston household water usage
Replacing toilets alone can save you over 13,000 gallons yearly.
That's $120 yearly savings!
Leaving the water running while brushing your teeth = 8 gallons of water.
WaterSense certified faucets reduce water consumption by 30%.
That's enough for 40 showers!
Pipe leaks account for 12% of water usage.
Regular maintenance of plumbing and pipe fitting can help prevent unnecessary water usage.
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Boston household pipe leak waste yearly
of water
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