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Ductless Solutions

Homeowners are falling in love with our ductless HVAC solutions

Our new mini split AC systems offer a better way to home comfort.

We all know the feeling of walking into an air-conditioned home on a hot, summer day, but not every home or apartment has central air. Many don’t think they can afford it or don’t want their house torn apart to install the ductwork required. New alternatives like the ductless air conditioning systems can provide great advantages and even greater savings than both window and central air units!

Installing traditional central air systems where there is no existing ductwork is a big project which will require cutting holes in walls, floors, and ceilings.

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If you are looking for versatility and best overall performance you should consider investing in ductless air conditioning for your home or business. These systems are far more efficient than traditional HVAC Systems. Also referred to as a split air conditioner or ductless air conditioner, these systems can be used in just about any space, regardless of size and location.

Not only can they keep your home cool in the summer, but they can also warm your house in colder temperatures all without installing ductwork!

Mitsubishi &

Mass Save

We installed a Mitsubishi HyperHeat system at this home in Dorchester and turned this old 2-family into one of the most efficient homes on the block! Call The Company You Count On if you want clean, efficient comfort to make your home into a castle.