July 23

Why it’s not too late for cooling system maintenance

Summer is already more than one-third over, but it’s not too late to perform cooling system maintenance. Ideally, you perform AC maintenance before the summer… View Article Read More

July 16

6 ways to stop your toilet from sweating and 1 tip that won’t help

A sweating toilet is more than a nuisance. Water from the toilet drips onto the floor and can ruin a bathroom floor in short order…. View Article Read More

July 9

Preparing for the worst from hurricane season

Hurricane season typically runs from June 1 to November 1 each year. Hurricanes can form anytime the conditions are right, but summer and fall are… View Article Read More

June 25

Eco-friendly residential plumbing solutions

More homeowners have made caring for the environment a priority. Growing evidence suggests that what we put down the drain and how we consume water… View Article Read More

December 28

Tips for beating the cold temperatures!

The most unpleasant part of winter has got to be the ultra-cold temperatures that rush in from the Arctic. If you’re going to do battle… View Article Read More

March 15

Beverly Hills Shines Light On Urban Water Consumption

California has been devastated by a prolonged drought, causing Governor Jerry Brown to declare a statewide water emergency. That action, taken last June, implemented a… View Article Read More

January 27

Water Efficiency: Steps You Can Take

Water efficiency may not be a familiar concept, but it’s one that you’ll be hearing about a lot in the near future. The term “water… View Article Read More

December 14

CoolSmart Program Changes Head Up 2016

There are some exciting changes to the CoolSmart program for 2016! CoolSmart provides rebates and other assistance to certain utility customers to help them save… View Article Read More

December 7

Leaking pipe replacement program replaces lead fears

If there were two words that strike fear into the hearts of parents, they would be “lead poisoning.” The fear of lead poisoning is of… View Article Read More

People Are Noticing Energy-Conscious Boston
May 26

People Are Noticing Energy-Conscious Boston

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has recognized Boston’s energy saving efforts as first in the nation. This is the second consecutive year Boston… View Article Read More