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How Your Home Could Benefit From a Whole-House Generator

It’s a great feeling to know that your family’s comfort and safety are protected even when power outages hit your Boston home. Unfortunately, many homeowners rush to purchase backup generators immediately following a blackout or before a major storm passes through. This impulse buying usually leads to unsound and costly decisions. To make sure your […]

Smart Home Electrical Upgrades Every Boston Homeowner Should Consider

Smart homes are very popular these days as homeowners look for new ways to increase comfort, improve energy efficiency, decrease inefficiencies, and cut down on utility costs through automation and remote control functionality. Whether you’re remodeling your home or building from scratch, it’s worth considering how certain electrical upgrades might benefit your home and your […]

How to Choose the Right HVAC Air Filter for Your Home

Filters are an important component of your HVAC system. They’re responsible for trapping particles to increase the air quality of your home. Understandably, many Boston homeowners aren’t sure where to begin when choosing from the variety of options available. Here, we’ll take a look at some things to keep in mind when choosing the best […]

Common Misconceptions About Plumbers and Why They’re Wrong

There’s a running joke in Hollywood that plumbers are incompetent, fumbling, awkward, and not-so-professional professionals. While it’s all in good jest, some of these stereotypes, unfortunately, trickle over into real life and influence decisions. In reality, plumbers are highly qualified, well-trained, and perfectly capable professionals with the expertise needed to make sure your home’s plumbing […]

Storage Tank vs Tankless Water Heater: What’s Best for Your Home

Water heaters are essential to keeping Boston homes comfortable and functional. Although all water heaters are responsible for supplying your home with warm water, not all water heaters are built the same. For decades, storage tank water heaters have been the standard for homeowners. However, over the past few years, their tankless counterparts are starting […]

5 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump is the unsung hero of your home. Most of the time, it never even crosses your mind. But when disaster strikes, it can save your property from extensive and costly water damage. Although homeowners can perform minor sump pump maintenance to increase the lifespan of their units, these devices have a deadline. […]

5 Potential Problems if Your Hot Water is on the Fritz

A hot water heater is one of those things you don’t give a second thought until it stops working. Then, it’s all you can think about. There’s nothing worse than getting hit with ice-cold water when you’re expecting a nice warm, relaxing shower. And while you’re standing there freezing in a bathrobe wondering what the […]

Can I Put Coffee Grounds Down My Garbage Disposal?

Let’s set the scene. It’s early in the morning, and you’ve just made yourself that essential cup of pick-me-up. Before getting on with your day, you spend a few minutes cleaning up your mess. When you come to the coffee grounds, you’re confronted with the same dilemma you face on a daily basis: Should you […]

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