24hr Emergency A/C Repair Service in Boston, MA

It’s 95 degrees outside and your air conditioning suddenly stops blowing cold air—or worse, starts making strange sounds, leaking or burning. This could be an A/C emergency!

A malfunctioning A/C could cause a full system breakdown, or at worst a fire. Air conditioners cause approximately 20 deaths per year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The likelihood of this happening is low if you service your appliance regularly. But do not ignore the warning signs.

If your air conditioning smells like it’s burning, emits a high shrieking sound, constantly cycles on and off or exhibits any other potentially hazardous signs, please call us immediately and do not attempt to fix it yourself. One of our A/C technicians will come to your home or business promptly to get your system fixed.

Severe heat can also be a hazard to your health, especially for vulnerable populations like seniors or anyone with severe allergies. Whatever the case, when you can’t wait, call Boston Standard Company for 24-hour emergency A/C repair.

As temperatures rise, we’re on your side.

We’re The Company You Can Count On.

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