With the fall season in the past, it’s time to turn your attention to the winter months and everything it’ll bring your way. As a homeowner, this means preparing your property – inside and out – for colder temperatures, snow, and ice. Just the same as your fall furnace maintenance schedule, there are several tips you can follow during the winter months to ensure that your HVAC system runs efficiently.

Replace Your Furnace Filter
As a general rule of thumb, replace your filter every three months (or more if it’s dirty). Even if the packaging tells you the filter will last six months or longer, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A clogged furnace filter can impact performance while also taking a toll on the internal mechanics of your unit. Subsequently, your furnace will work harder to keep your home warm, while also being subjected to additional strain. There are many types of furnace filters – ranging in size, type, and MERV rating – so do your homework before making a selection.[i]

Clean Your Air Ducts
When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? If you can’t remember, it’s probably been too long.
By doing this, you prevent blockages that have the potential to impact how much warm air reaches your living space. It also cuts down on the amount of dust and debris circulated through your home.
With so many benefits of cleaning your air ducts, it makes sense to do so at the start of every winter season.[ii] You’ll be glad that you did as the temperatures drop and your furnace works harder to warm your home.

Inspect Your Thermostat
You pay so much attention to your actual furnace that you overlook the importance of maintaining your thermostat. Have you recently changed the batteries in your thermostat? Is your Wi-Fi thermostat operating as intended? Even if your furnace is in good working condition, it won’t do anything without a properly functioning thermostat.

Protect Your Air Conditioner Unit
While it’s a matter of preference, covering your outdoor air conditioner unit protects it against the harsh winter climate, which includes heavy snow and ice for those who live in and around the Boston area.
Furthermore, it also protects your unit against the build-up of debris, such as tree branches and leaves that will make its way to the ground as inclement weather moves into the area.

Are You Ready for Another Cold Boston Winter?
The winter months in Boston are harsh enough to chase you indoors. However, if your home isn’t warm, you won’t find yourself seeking shelter there for long. If you have any questions about the above winter HVAC maintenance tips, contact us for guidance. And if you need any help preparing your system for the months to come, we’re more than happy to visit your home. Learn more about our heating maintenance services. It’s the steps you take upfront that will help keep you warm this winter and reduce the likelihood of something going wrong with your furnace.


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