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With the warmer weather that spring can bring to Boston, it won’t be long before you’re thinking about firing up your air conditioner (if you’ve yet to already do so).
However, before you take this step, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Most importantly, you don’t want to turn on your AC too soon. Doing so can result in a variety of issues, including freezing the evaporator coil and damaging your system’s oil.
As a general rule of thumb, wait for the first stretch of 70 degrees + weather to hit the area. This is when you’ll turn on your AC for the first time.
However, you’re not doing so because you necessarily need to cool down your home. You’re doing so as a means of testing your system to ensure it’s in good working order before hotter weather arrives.
As for when you should turn on your AC to cool your home, this depends largely on your personal preference.
Some people can’t stand it when their home is even the slightest bit hot. Others are more comfortable waiting until later in the season, such as when temperatures consistently hit 80 degrees or higher.
Basic Steps to Guide You
Regardless of when you decide to turn on your AC this spring, there are some steps that you need to take.

Replace your HVAC air filter (unless you’ve done so within the past two to three months)
Remove the cover from the outside unit to promote airflow and remove any debris that accumulated over the winter
Clean the condensate drain and coil
Spray the outside unit with a gentle stream of water

It doesn’t take that long to complete these steps, but they can go a long way in getting your AC up to speed without delay.
Should you neglect to take these steps, you’re more likely to run into trouble. For example, if you don’t replace your air filter, it could reduce airflow through your ductwork. This will impact performance, reduce efficiency, and make it difficult to cool your home.
Do You Need Help?
Maybe you’re not the type of person who wants more DIY projects this spring. Or perhaps you’ve noticing signs of potential issues with your HVAC system, such as an AC system that’s not cooling your home as quickly as expected.
In this case, don’t force the issue. Doing so could make matters worse.
This is the right time to schedule a service appointment with an HVAC professional.
Air conditioning is a luxury you don’t want to live without this spring and summer. So, turn your system on at the right time, perform basic maintenance, and call on a professional should you need it.

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