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As home technology continues to make incredible strides, many Boston homeowners are increasingly curious about smart home capabilities. Voice-activated commands, talking supercomputers, central control hubs, and integrated AI technology might have seemed like the stuff of sci-fi films, but modern homes are already achieving those not-so-futuristic milestones. If you’re eager to adopt this technology, it’s crucial to understand the importance of smart home wiring which acts as the backbone of smart homes.

What is smart home wiring?
Smart home wiring is a complex system organizing and combining the various wires running through your home. It’s an efficient way to integrate and manage different wiring systems and sensors by establishing a central platform. Instead of having to deal with wires individually, Boston homeowners can simply access the central wiring hub. You can think of smart home wiring as the nervous system where all smart home features connect. The great thing about smart home wiring is its ability to accommodate future technologies that haven’t even been invented yet. That way, your smart home can continue to advance.

What’s included in a smart home wiring system?

Smart thermostats
One of the most convenient advancements in smart home technology is the smart thermostat. These handy devices make it possible to control your HVAC system remotely and set your temperature preferences automatically so you’re always comfortable.

Smart doorbells
Smart doorbells have become a popular security feature for Boston homeowners, making it possible to see and communicate with someone who comes to the front door. Some smart doorbells even allow for remote locking and unlocking to control who comes in and out of your home.

Smart light switches
You have a remote for the TV so why not extend that convenience to your home’s lighting with a smart light switch. When hooked up to your smart home wiring, you can switch lights on and off from anywhere and even control the luminance on dimmers.

What are the advantages of smart home wiring?

Remote control
One of the most convenient advantages of smart home wiring is remote control of your home’s smart features. Whether you need to turn on the alarm system when you’re out, flip on the heating on your way home from work, or preheat the oven while relaxing on the couch, smart wiring will give you complete control over various home functions. Anywhere you take your smartphone (which is most likely everywhere), you’ll have full control at your fingertips.

Advanced security
There’s nothing more important to Boston homeowners than the safety of their families and personal belongings. With smart home wiring, you can connect all of your security devices including smart doorbells, alarm systems, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors into a single network. When hooked up to your mobile device, you’ll have the power to switch on and off each security feature as you see fit. You can even receive security alerts too!

Increased flexibility
If you’re planning to live in your current home for more than a year, it’s safe to assume you’ll want to invest in new appliances, replace outdated ones, and adopt new forms of smart home technology as they arise. Smart home wiring acts as a flexible foundation for a smart home that easily accommodates new sensors, appliances, and technology as your and your family’s needs change. This makes it easier for Boston homeowners to continue upgrading their homes without hiccups or hassles.

Improved energy efficiency
Smart home technology excels at optimizing convenience and comfort, but that’s not where the advantages stop. Increased energy efficiency and, as a result, decreased utility costs are other major perks of smart home wiring. Some modern tech even provides homeowners with detailed energy usage information so you can actively track the energy consumption of various devices for clearer insight into where their money goes. Interested in outfitting your home with smart home wiring? You’re in the right place! The electrical experts at Boston Standard Plumbing have been proudly serving homeowners in the Boston area for years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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