A furnace emergency during a cold Boston winter is the last thing you need. Not only does it impact your ability to stay warm in your home, but it can also put your safety at risk.
For this reason, if you suspect a furnace emergency – regardless of the cause of the problem – it’s critical to take immediate action.
But here’s the problem: most homeowners don’t have enough knowledge of their systems to pinpoint trouble and make a furnace repair on their own.
Fortunately, even basic knowledge of furnace emergencies can help you understand when it’s time to call in a professional furnace repair service. Here are five times when it’s important to take action:
Total Furnace Failure
This is exactly what it sounds like. Your furnace isn’t doing its job, so no hot air is entering your home. There are many potential causes, all of which are best diagnosed by a professional heating service company.
Smell of Gas
If your home smells of gas, it’s time to get out. Don’t hesitate, but instead head directly for the closest door. From there, call the police and your gas company to let them know what is going on.[i]
Note: if you know the location of your main gas shut off valve, you can turn it off before leaving your home. This minimizes the risk of a serious event.
Your Furnace Blows Cold Air
You want cold air from your air conditioner, not your furnace. So, if you face this problem during the cold winter months, turn off your system and call a professional.
It could be something as simple as your pilot light going out. It could also be much more complex, such as a broken condensate pump.[ii]
Electrical Concerns
Does your furnace cut off before it finishes its cycle? Does your breaker trip every time it comes on? Is there an electrical hum or buzz coming from your furnace?
Electrical issues are serious, as they can damage your furnace and electrical system in general. Not to mention the fact that an undiagnosed problem could cause a fire.
Loud Noises!
You know what your furnace should and shouldn’t sound like. If this changes – such as loud noises coming from it – there’s a good chance something is wrong.
From pops to thuds to bangs, don’t let a noise go undiagnosed. Even if it’s not affecting the performance of your system right now, this is likely to change in the future.
A furnace emergency is nothing to take lightly. If you put it off, you could cause additional damage to your unit and your home. And in the most serious of cases, ignoring trouble could put your safety and well-being at risk.
Don’t hesitate to contact Boston Standard’s 24 hour emergency heating repair service to share your concerns, ask questions, and schedule a service visit. It won’t take us long to diagnose your problem, explain what is happening, and provide an overview of the steps you can take to get your furnace back in good working order.


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