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The folks in Capitol Hill are at it again, and the results are fantastic; they’ve increased the tax credit for the installation of tankless water heaters to $1500.00. The great part is that this credit is truly a “money-back” offer- not a tax deduction!
With America’s heightened sense of ecological responsibility & the green movement, installing a tankless water heater makes great sense. From the financial standpoint, however, it hasn’t always been easy to make the leap from the cheaper option of tank-style water heaters to the more than two-fold cost increase for a tankless unit. Now, with this new tax credit, homeowners can receive a 30% credit- worth up to $1500.00- towards the cost of the unit & the installation!

Here’s where Boston Standard comes into play;

we’re your local, expert service company with the experience needed to install your tankless heater! When we’re done with your install, you will have an excellent, high-efficiency tankless water heater that not only saves you money, but lasts a long time.
When you’re ready to take the next step, just give us a call & find out why we’re The Company You Count On

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