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Do you have a sump pump in your home? Are you unsure of when you last completed routine maintenance? Are you concerned that this will catch up with you sooner rather than later? As a homeowner, sump pump maintenance probably isn’t your idea of fun. However, if you neglect this, it could eventually cost you time and money, while also damaging your home.

Set a Sump Pump Maintenance Schedule Even though your sump pump doesn’t run every day, you shouldn’t ignore it for years on end. Instead, it’s best to set a sump pump maintenance schedule to guide you.

Here’s what you should do every three to six months:

  • Inspect the power cord to ensure it’s in good condition and still receiving power
  • Clean the pump inlet screen
  • Add water to the sump to ensure that the pump still turns on

Once you get into the habit of doing this, it’ll only take a few minutes to complete each time (as long as everything goes as planned). There are also sump pump maintenance items you should complete every year:

  • Clean out the sump
  • Remove the pump, inspect it for damage or decay, and clean it
  • Grease the bearings, if necessary

Along with these three items, you should also complete the three listed in the “three to six-month” schedule.

Who to Call for Sump Pump Maintenance
Even if you suspect that your sump pump is in good condition and working as designed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to complete your own maintenance. The best person to call for sump pump maintenance is an experienced plumber. Find a plumber with knowledge of sump pumps, including how to maintain them to manufacturer specifications. The nice thing about hiring a plumber is that they can make any necessary repairs on the spot, which can save you from trouble down the road (such as flooding in your basement).

What Can Go Wrong?
Just the same as any other appliance in your home, a sump pump can malfunction for a variety of reasons. Some of the many things that could go wrong include:

  • No power to the sump pump
  • The pump doesn’t turn on when the water level gets high enough
  • Debris build-up, which affects performance

Proper sump pump repair and maintenance can prevent a variety of problems, but there’s no way of knowing if something will go wrong in the future. If you have any questions about sump pump maintenance or repairs, contact us to learn more about your options. We can visit your home, inspect your system, and provide the proper maintenance. Furthermore, if something has gone wrong, we have the experience and knowledge needed to make a repair in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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