Residents of Somerville may qualify for interest-free loans on replacement heating equipment for their homes. The program provides loans of up to $4,500 for income-qualified residents to replace inefficient or inoperable heating equipment. The loans are also forgivable in certain circumstances.
The Heating System Replacement Program is available only to Somerville residents on a first-come, first-served basis, and provides variable-amount loans for residents who qualify, based on household size and income levels. Using income guidelines developed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Somerville residents may qualify under the following household size/maximum gross income guidelines:

1 person – $45,500
2 people – $52,000
3 people – $58,500
4 people – $65,000
5 people – $70,200
6 people – $75,400

The loans are available only to homeowners who occupy their property as a primary residence. According to program rules, homeowners who receive one of the loans must retain ownership and occupy the improved property for at least three years following receipt of the loan.

Loan proceeds must be used to replace faulty or inefficient home heating equipment. Homeowners who qualify for the loan assistance can use the loan to perform an oil-to-gas conversion or replace an inefficient gas furnace with a more efficient one.

Loan assistance is limited, so Somerville residents who potentially qualify are urged to contact Walter Whitney, Housing Rehab Program Manager at (617) 625-6600 x2569 or [email protected].
For residents of Boston, home heating replacement loans may also be available through MassSave. Like the loans in Somerville, these loans are also zero-interest loans with terms of up to 7 years, and loan limits of up to $25,000. Restrictions apply, so if you’re considering a replacement heating system for your home, contact us at Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating for more information on how you may be able to take advantage of these financing options.

Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating can address all of your home’s heating and cooling needs. Call us at (617) 362-0377 anytime for a consultation, or assistance with your residential heating, cooling and plumbing needs.

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