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Boston dodged a bullet with last week’s snowstorms, but this week brings another opportunity to experience the joys of winter. Heavy snow can also create problems with your Boston home heating equipment. Boston Standard Plumbing does more than just take care of your pipes; we also offer full-service heating and cooling maintenance and repair services for boilers, radiators, hot-water heaters and even gas-fired heating equipment and appliances.

Here are a few tips to keep your home in good shape for the rest of the heating season. Remember, if you experience problems with your home heating, give Boston Standard Plumbing a call at (617) 288-2911.
Check your thermostat for proper operation. If you use a programmable thermostat, check the batteries to make sure they’re still in good working order. Whether or not your thermostat is programmable, don’t set the thermostat below 62°F. Your heating system will need to work much harder to bring your home back up to a comfortable temperature, and you run the risk of freezing pipes in areas of your home that are not well-heated or insulated.

If your home has radiators and you find that one area is too hot, while other areas are too cold, try adjusting the heat flow from the offending radiator, rather than adjusting the thermostat. Radiators can be noisy and difficult to work with, but when they’re properly adjusted they can keep a home quite comfortable even during the coldest months. If you have a radiator that produces no heat at all, or produces far too much heat, you may have a broken or stuck valve. The experts at Boston Standard Plumbing can help you with this kind of repair.

For gas furnaces, change the air filter monthly to ensure adequate airflow and to reduce the amount of dust and debris that circulates in the home. Choose a date on the calendar and replace your filter regularly. You can find disposable filters at any home improvement store. Inspect your filter to determine what size your furnace needs.

For high-efficiency furnaces that vent directly to the outside, it is imperative that you keep the fresh air intake and exhaust ports clear of snow, debris and ice. Improper ventilation of a high-efficiency furnace is dangerous and may also cause the furnace to shut down or operate inefficiently. Remove slush and ice build-up and avoid placing objects in front of the exhaust port. Also be sure that the fresh air intake is not recirculating exhaust back into your heating system.

If, at any time, your furnace suddenly stops working, you could have a mechanical or safety problem. Do not attempt to heat your home with a fuel-powered space heater or a generator located inside the home. These devices are meant to be used outdoors and must be properly vented to ensure your safety. If you use gas-fired appliances, install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs rapidly and without warning.

If your home heat suddenly stops working, and you cannot determine why, contact us at Boston Standard Plumbing. We can diagnose and repair all heating, cooling and plumbing problems in your Boston-area home.

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