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Hidden behind the walls of every Boston home is a vast network of interconnected wires that’s responsible for transferring electricity where it needs to go. Your home’s appliances, outlets, and lighting fixtures are all hooked up to this wiring system. Every time you flip on a light, heat up the oven, turn on the vacuum, or charge your phone, you’re relying on your home’s electrical wiring. When everything is working smoothly, it’s easy to forget about this critical network of wires. But these systems aren’t designed to last forever.

What does rewiring a house mean?
Rewiring a house requires the removal of all outdated, damaged, or malfunctioning wiring from within a home’s walls and ceilings before installing brand-new, advanced wiring in its place. The home’s circuit breaker panel must also get updated to accommodate the new system’s electrical load while ensuring compliance standards are met for building codes. Over time, wires can start to go bad or simply fail to meet a home’s changing electrical needs. Leaving poor wiring systems in place is both a considerable inconvenience as a number of electrical issues can arise and a major safety concern as faulty wiring can cause shocks, fires, and other potentially dangerous outcomes.

Signs your home needs rewiring services.
There’s no fixed expiration date for your home’s wiring system, underscoring the importance of working with an experienced and qualified electrical specialist when determining what your home needs. If you’re noticing any of the following issues, it’s time to call a professional:

Flickering lights
A telltale sign of faulty wiring is lights that don’t stay on consistently or produce less light than normal. Flickering occurs when there’s not a reliable supply of electricity to the fixture. On the other hand, dimming means there isn’t sufficient voltage. Both are symptoms of fundamental wiring issues.

Recurring fuse issues
It’s not uncommon for fuses to give out every once in a while. But if your home has fuses blowing left and right for no apparent reason, outdated or damaged wiring could be the culprit. If you recently upgraded or installed a household appliance, your current wiring system might not have the capacity to handle the new load.

Is it worth rewiring a house?
Yes, rewiring your home is definitely worth it. Price is usually the first thing people think about when considering a full-house rewiring. Although it might seem like a large expense at first, the value you get from having a safe, efficient, and updated wiring system is priceless. Rewiring a Boston home comes with several advantages.

Fewer electrical issues
First and foremost, you’ll have fewer electrical problems such as blown fuses, flickering lights, and appliance issues. This can reduce maintenance costs and improve energy savings while cutting down on the number of times you’ll have to call for emergency electrical services.

Improved safety
Another important benefit of rewiring your home is increased safety. Electrical issues are one of the most common causes of house fires, and shocks aren’t unheard of even when proper safety measures aren’t taken. Older and damaged wiring only increases the likelihood of these hazards occurring. This is especially true if you’re living in an older Boston home.

Increased property value
Rewiring your home can also considerably increase its value as potential buyers will see it as one less investment they’ll have to make in the coming years. Even if you’re not planning on moving any time soon, it’s always an added benefit when an essential upgrade can boost your home’s value.

Discolored outlets
Problematic wiring can cause small sparks either when a light switch is triggered or when something is plugged in. Sometimes, this sparking occurs when nobody’s around, but over time it can result in the yellowing or browning of a white outlet or switch cover. If you notice discoloration, it might be time to replace your home’s wiring.

Interested in learning more about rewiring your home and whether it’s necessary? Feel free to contact the experts at Boston Standard Plumbing today to schedule an appointment. Our licensed and experienced electricians will determine the state of your current writing system and offer a full-house rewiring if needed.


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