Is your water bill creeping up, up, up?

A common cause of high water usage is your toilet! Because the toilet tank lid usually keeps the troublesome toilet quiet, your water wastes away without you ever knowing… But keep in mind- “runny” toilets can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day.
Take a small bottle of food coloring & take the tank lid off. When the lid is removed, apply about 3 tablespoons of food coloring to the tank. Leave the toilet alone for about a half hour, and then lift the seat- if the water in the bowl is colored with the food coloring, you have a leak.
Leaks from the tank to the bowl are often caused by a defective flapper, flush valve or fill valve. Call Boston Standard NOW and we’ll send our rolling warehouse over to your place! We can make that old toilet run properly or switch you out with a new, high-efficiency toilet- the choice is up to you!

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