It’s a great feeling to know that your family’s comfort and safety are protected even when power outages hit your Boston home. Unfortunately, many homeowners rush to purchase backup generators immediately following a blackout or before a major storm passes through. This impulse buying usually leads to unsound and costly decisions.
To make sure your family and home are getting the best protection available, it’s important to understand the advantages of whole-house generators. Here, we’ll take a deeper look at the benefits these generators provide and why homeowners should consider installing one in their homes.
They flip on automatically.
Many whole-house generators switch on automatically when a home loses power. This is in contrast to smaller, portable generators that often require manual starts before any power is supplied. If you’re asleep or even traveling when a power outage hits, an automatic generator keeps all of your essential appliances running to prevent frozen pipes, flooding, and other costly damage. Even when you’re home, having an automatic start keeps you from having to locate the generator in the dark.
They’re flexible to meet your energy needs.
Just because a whole-house generator has the capacity to supply power to an entire house doesn’t mean Boston homeowners have to use these devices as such. You have complete control over what appliances you want to continue supplying with power during an outage. Here are just a few essential devices whole-house generators can power:

Refrigerators & freezers
Water heaters
HVAC systems
Alarm systems
Garage doors
Sump pumps
Lighting circuits

Since you have no idea how long a power outage will last, you can conserve energy by choosing what devices receive electricity and which don’t. For example, powering your home’s heating is more critical than keeping the TV running. A whole-house generator makes it easy to delegate power where you deem it necessary to improve energy efficiency.
It’s an effective way to improve your home’s safety.
Security isn’t the first thing Boston homeowners think about when considering a whole-house generator, but it’s definitely a major advantage of these devices. Here are just a few ways backup generators can keep you and your family safe.
It’s a safer source of light.
When the power goes out, it’s a common practice to light candles throughout the home to increase visibility. While this is a decent solution in a pinch, it’s not worth the increased potential of fire damage. A whole-house generator eliminates the need for any lighting alternative as your can resort your home’s lighting in a flash.
It can keep your home lit.
Even young and able individuals are at a higher risk for falling during power outages.  Although flashlights, cellphones, and other sources of light can help mitigate the problem, there’s no replacement for having all of your home’s lighting fully functional. A backup generator can save you and your family from nasty spills by giving every room in your home electricity.
It can power alarm systems
Boston homes with security alarms can rest assured that their systems will continue operating at full capacity with a whole-house generator backup. Most alarm companies implement battery backups but these power sources aren’t as reliable or sustainable as a backup generator.
They prevent costly damages.
Power outages don’t need to be caused by natural disasters to have costly effects on your home. Even an electrical grid problem or other localized issue has the potential to set Boston homeowners back on repair expenses. With a whole-house generator, you can successfully avoid these costs. For example, you can keep your pipes from freezing and cracking by ensuring your HVAC system runs properly. Whole-house generators also keep refrigerators and freezers from leaking or becoming damaged while preventing food from spoiling.
Electrical Services in Boston
Ready to protect your family and home from power outages but aren’t’ sure where to begin? The electrical experts at Boston Standard Plumbing can help. We can install a state-of-the-art, whole-house backup generator so you never have to worry about running out of power again. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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