As a Boston resident, you wait all winter long for warm weather to arrive. And when it finally does, you’re ready to take full advantage.
While it’s enjoyable to spend time outdoors, there comes a point when you want to relax in a cool home. And that’s why you need your air conditioner to be working at its peak efficiency throughout the duration of summer (and maybe into fall).
Proper maintenance is critical to the overall performance of your HVAC system. Not to mention the fact that it also extends the life of your AC.
When the time comes this spring, head outside your home, pull the cover off your AC condenser, and take a closer look. From there, it’s time to take action. It’s time to clean your AC condenser unit. Here’s what you need to do:[i]
Shut Off the Power
Before you do anything, shut off the power to your air conditioner. Safety always comes first.
You need to do the following:

Turn the power off at the breaker box inside your home
Turn the power off in the shut-off box located near the condenser

Once you do this, you can confidently clean your condenser without fears of injury.
Remove Debris
This includes both inside and outside the condenser itself. If you didn’t cover your condenser over the winter, there’s a good chance debris – such as sticks, leaves, and other miscellaneous items – have built up inside.
Start by removing the fan cage from the unit. From there, use your hands or a vacuum to clean out the debris.
As for the exterior, remove any debris, including shrubs, that are against the condenser. You want to give it plenty of room to breathe.
Clean and Straighten the Fins
With the help of a hose, spray water through the fins from the inside out. This helps remove any debris that gathered in them over the winter months.
Tip: never use a pressure washer, as doing so can damage the fins, along with other parts of the condenser unit.
Upon completion, visually inspect the fins for straightness. If any of them are bent, use a butter knife to gently return them to their original shape. Too many crooked fins can restrict airflow, which reduces the efficiency of your system.
As a homeowner, these are the types of things you can do to clean your AC condenser unit this spring.
Should you need to get into more detailed AC maintenance and AC repairs – such as cleaning the evaporator coil – it’s best to consult with a professional HVAC company. You don’t want to tackle a job that’s over your head, as you could end up causing more harm than good.
It doesn’t matter if you need an AC repair service or are interested in installing central air in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Boston Standard Company.
With many years of air conditioning services and air conditioning installation experience in and around the Boston area, we’re here to keep you and your home cool this summer.

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