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Your water heater is one of those appliances that you don’t think about often. Instead, you assume that hot water will make its way to you in a fast and efficient manner. As long as your water heater is functioning as designed, there’s nothing to worry about in regards to performance. However, you may still have questions about how to save money on your heating bill. This leads to an important question: does putting a timer on your hot water heater save money? In short, the answer is yes. It may not save you as much money as you think, but it can work in your favor. Over the course of a year, $100+ in savings is not out of the question.

Common Types of Water Heater Timers
Once you decide in favor of a water heater timer, turn your attention toward the most common types. This will help you choose one that’s efficient, effective, and compatible with the unit that you have.
Here are some options to consider:

Programmable timer:
With this, you can create presets for controlling the power to your water heater. For example, if you know you won’t be using hot water while you’re sleeping, you can set your water heater timer to turn off the power during these hours.

Switch timer:
This takes a bit more work than other options, but it’s still effective. With this, you simply hit a switch to turn your water heater on and off. It’s not the most efficient method, but it can work.
Box timer: These are among the most advanced water heater timers, as they allow you to set varying schedules based on usage. For instance, you can set your water heater based on hours, days, weeks, and even months.

Wi-fi timer:
If you’re seeking a technologically advanced timer, this is a great place to start your search. This gives you full control over your water heater, no matter where you are. For example, if you’re laying in bed at night and realize your water heater is running for no reason, you can use your smartphone to turn it off.
Countdown timer: This is exactly what it sounds like. These timers run based on manual input. So, if you want your timer to run for five hours, you can set it to do so. Upon reaching the end of the time limit, your water heater is automatically turned off.

Installing a Hot Water Heater Timer
If you’re interested in installing a hot water heater timer for your Boston home, you have two basic options: do it yourself (DIY) or hire an experienced Boston plumber. In today’s day and age, water heater timer installation is among the most common water heater services. More people than ever are looking for ways to upgrade their homes, add smart technology, and of course, save money. With this in mind, take the time to learn more about the many types and models of timers. You may soon find yourself making a purchase.

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