Mass Save’s COOL SMART program is offering a special $500 rebate on qualified new and replacement central air conditioning systems when homeowners of single-family and multi-family units use a Quality Installation Verification-certified installer (QIV). Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating participates in the QIV program, which means that when you choose us to perform your central air conditioner installation, you can collect a cool $500.

What does QIV certification mean for you? Ensuring that your new air conditioning system starts out with the proper refrigerant charge and optimal air flow saves you money in the long run on both operational and maintenance costs. By testing your new central air conditioning system at the time it’s installed, your QIV contractor can also help you avoid long-term problems that can shorten the life of your investment, increase its overall cost to you, and decrease the comfort level of your home.

Testing your air conditioning system for the proper refrigerant charge can reduce your overall operating costs and help you avoid costly and unnecessary repairs. A recent study of new residential air conditioning systems in New England found that nearly 60% of systems were either under-charged or over-charged at the time the systems were installed. Simply installing central air conditioning units using the factory’s refrigerant charge without verifying that the charge level is correct can set a homeowner up for a history of service problems. Verifying that the refrigerant charge is correct at the time of installation can also help your installer detect hidden problems with the system that may be covered under warranty – such as refrigerant leaks.

While a narrow majority of incorrectly charged units were under-charged, nearly 30% of newly installed units were overcharged by some amount, and nearly 15% of new units were significantly overcharged. An over-charged unit will operate less efficiently, and could sustain serious damage during normal operation. Overcharging can cause the compressor – a vital component of a central air conditioning system – to fail prematurely, increasing the owner’s maintenance and repair costs, and leaving homeowners without air conditioning during potentially dangerous heat conditions.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the second half of the QIV process – checking and correcting unit airflow problems during the installation process. In the mean time, if you’d like to take advantage of the COOL SMART QIV installation rebate, or would like more information about qualified COOL SMART air conditioning products, please give us a call at Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating at (617) 362-0377 . We’ll set up a consultation and help you take advantage of this and other rebate programs!

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