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Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating is a proud sponsor of The Mather Elementary School in Dorchester, the oldest tax-funded elementary school in North America! The Mather Elementary School, which serves about 600 children in grades PK-5, celebrates its 375th anniversary this year. The school officially recognizes its founding with special celebrations planned all this week – October 19 through the 24th.
While the Mather Elementary School has served tens of thousands of Dorchester’s children over its nearly 400-year history, the school faces many challenges. Most of Mather’s students today come from low-income households and about 1 in 5 Mather Elementary Students require special education support.
As part of the school’s anniversary celebration, they are trying to raise $375,000 to help pay for building improvements, technology improvements and additional academic support. If you would like to join Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating in supporting this exceptional resource that has impacted so many families in Dorchester, please consider donating to the fundraising campaign, or attending the Birthday Benefit on Friday, October 24.

For more information about The Mather Elementary School, please visit: The Mather Elementary School Website

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