Being in heating and cooling in Boston, we know that consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to heating and cooling their homes. We’ve worked hard to build a great reputation for service and satisfaction, so when clients ask us for recommendations for heating and cooling (and plumbing) products, we’re careful about the products we recommend.

Within the last few months, Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating has become an authorized Trane Comfort Specialist, and that means we can bring a lot of high quality heating and cooling products and services to our Boston customers. We think Trane makes sense for our customers because Trane offers some significant benefits that you won’t find with other residential heating and cooling brands.
For example, Trane offers a product exchange policy that provides maximum customer protection. If you have a defective Trane unit installed, in most cases, Trane replaces the entire unit – not just the defective part. That’s a big bonus for customers because it means that you get a Trane unit that is “100%-right” right out of the gate.

Customers also get a parts and labor warranty that covers Trane products for up to 10 years. That kind of product and service guarantee is virtually unheard of in today’s residential heating and cooling trade.
Trane air conditioners are among the best in the business, largely because of Trane’s compressors. In air conditioning, the compressor is one of the primary components in the system. Most companies buy their compressors from a third party. Trane designs and builds its own compressors. What difference does that make to you, the customer? Since the performance of the unit relies on the compressor, Trane chooses to maintain strict control over its compressor design and manufacture. It’s probably no coincidence then, that Trane’s compressors are known to be the most durable in the industry.

Trane air conditioners are also distinguished by their coil designs. Most air conditioner coils are made from copper and have aluminum fins. If you know anything about chemistry, you know that dissimilar metals in certain circumstances undergo an electrochemical reaction that is irreparably destructive to the metals.

Trane uses a one-piece coil system that helps its products avoid electrolytic destruction. That design approach helps to reduce the number of mechanical connections in each Trane coil and also reduces the incidence of coolant leaks in Trane air conditioners. The single metal coil construction also withstands corrosion caused by the salty ocean air in the Boston area.

Trane takes the same care in design and engineering with its heating equipment, so with Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating and Trane, you know that you’re getting outstanding design, manufacture, installation and service.

If you would like more information about Trane products available through Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating, please give us a call at (617) 362-0377 anytime. Also, don’t forget to friend Boston Standard Plumbing on Facebook!

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