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Thinking about heating season yet? Soon the overnight temperatures will dip into the 40’s, and that’s a sure sign that winter is on the way. While last winter was one of the mildest on record, we’re unlikely to see a repeat this year. Reducing home heating costs in winter is a priority for many Boston residents, and there are a number of ways that homeowners can reduce their heating bills this winter.

Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating offers Nest Concierge Service. If you haven’t heard about the Nest thermostat, you should take a few minutes to find out about what this device can do for you, and how it can help reduce your energy consumption without making your home uncomfortable – summer or winter.

The Nest is a programmable thermostat, but it isn’t like other devices currently on the market. The Nest programs itself by learning about your home heating habits and preferences. Once the Nest is installed, it learns and remembers your home heating and cooling preferences. Training the Nest is easy; you only need to turn the thermostat up or down to suit your comfort preferences.

When the Nest is “trained,” you don’t have to worry about forgetting turning the thermostat down because the Nest will do that for you based on when you normally leave the house. You also don’t need to worry about coming home to a cold house, because the Nest will turn up the heat before you arrive home. Minor changes in your habits don’t change the Nest’s primary programming, either.

Better still, the Nest helps you learn about how you can reduce your energy costs, and lets you know when you’re using more or less energy than normal. This can help you develop good energy consumption habits that will reduce your overall cost without impacting the comfort of your home.

The Nest can also be controlled from a smart phone, so if you’re coming home early or late, you can contact your thermostat and adjust the temperature of your home accordingly.
The Nest is only available online, however you can arrange for installation service through Boston Standard Plumbing. With professional installation, we’ll come to your home, remove and recycle your old thermostat, install your Nest and connect it to your home’s WiFi network. We’ll also show you how to use your thermostat to make sure you get the most out of what the Nest has to offer!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Nest, contact Boston Standard Plumbing & Heating at (617) 362-0377   to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you figure out whether the Nest is right for you, and is compatible with your current heating system.

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