Wondering about what global warming really means to you? Wonder no more, but you might want to brush up on your conflict resolution skills, fix yourself a Boston Cooler and keep your air conditioner in good working order. Researchers at the University of California Berkeley and Princeton University have released a research report that shows that even relatively small increases in temperature have a profound effect on human behavior.

The researchers examined the effect of temperature increases and drought on violence around the world and found that even small increases in temperature produced measurable increases in violence directed toward individuals, violence within a culture (such as wars, riots, and other societal conflicts), and civic collapse.

The study examined 27 regions around the globe, and researchers found that their conclusions held true in all 27 locations. According to the scientists, there is a direct correlation between increased violence and increases in air temperature. There is also a predictable increase in violence during drought conditions.
According to the study, as the global average temperature rises, we can expect more conflicts, wars and an increased incidence of violence against individuals. A global rise in temperature of about 5°F increases the rate of large-scale conflicts and wars by 50%.

For August, forecasters are predicting a respite from last month’s record-breaking heat in Boston, but the effect of rising temperatures on people is clear: cooler heads prevail when cooler temperatures do. Over time, keeping your air conditioner in good repair will become more important for personal comfort.
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