Without air conditioning, Boston summers may be something of a mixed blessing. Window and ceiling fans may not move air efficiently enough to keep your home comfortable at the peak of the season. The cost of adding air conditioning may put this “luxury item” out of reach for many homeowners. If cost isn’t an issue, the thought of installing (and removing) window air conditioners or unattractive through-the-wall units may be too much.

If this situation describes you, you may want to consider an option now available from LG called the LG Art Cool ductless air conditioner. The LG Ductless Art Cool system can be configured to offer single, dual or triple zone control, mounts on the wall and requires only a 3″ hole in the wall to connect to an outdoor unit. Best of all, the LG Ductless Art Cool units hang on the wall and can be customized with any artwork that suits your taste. The end result? A low-profile, wall-mounted air conditioning unit that looks like a painting and cools the room at the same time.

The cooling units provide either 9,800 BTU or 11,500 BTU of cooling power and uses R410 A refrigerant. In addition, the units feature a self-cleaning indoor coil, a plasma air purifying filter, three-way cooling, automatic or manual operations, 24-hour on/off timer, evaporator frost control and corrosion protection for the fins. Optionally, LG makes a version of the Art Cool ductless units that can be attached to a heat pump unit to provide zone heating during the winter months.

Ductless air conditioning systems are an excellent option for historic homes, rental properties, and for homeowners who suffer from dust and pollen allergies. Boston Standard Plumbing and Heating provides a wide variety of options for cooling your Boston home. We can install, maintain and repair ductless and ducted systems to ensure that you stay cool when the weather warms up. If you would like more information on ductless air conditioning systems, heat pumps, or the LG Art Cool air conditioning (or heat pump) systems, please contact Boston Standard Plumbing at (617) 362-0377 .

We provide excellent heating and cooling services throughout the greater Boston area and can help you add a cool touch to your Boston home. Contact us today and find out why Boston Standard Plumbing’s heating and cooling services were named the Best of Boston 2010 by Boston Magazine.

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