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Is A $69 Tune Up A Good Deal?

One of the sure signs of spring is the “$69 tune up special” for cooling systems. But what is it and what should you consider before taking someone up on this offer? First, if you’re wondering whether annual central air conditioner maintenance is necessary, it is. A dirty air conditioning unit can lose efficiency quickly […]

New EPA Rule Aims to Get the Lead Out

A proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency would modify the current definition of lead-free plumbing products. Congress passed new legislation that prohibits the use of plumbing products that contain more than 0.25% lead. Lead can still be found in small amounts in piping, fixtures and fitting, but the new legislation further reduces the permissible […]

Training and licensure for plumbing

Plumbing is considered a “skilled trade.” To become a skilled trades worker, you must complete a training program that combines classroom learning with on-the-job learning. Plumbers are licensed by the state. Each state manages its own licensing program, but the licensing requirements in all states are similar. Initially, a plumber in training is known as […]

Is a career in plumbing for you?

When you think of the term “plumber,” you might think of someone who fixes water pipes or unclogs drains. Water is a big part of a plumber’s job, but plumbers do a lot more than fix pipes. In this series, we’re going to explore plumbing as a career, what it takes to become a plumber, […]

Air source heat pump rebates for commercial spaces

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCNC) has expanded its air source heat pump rebates to commercial/non-residential buildings to help support the Commonwealth’s clean heating and cooling initiative. Businesses, non-profit organizations and public buildings that plan to install fewer than 20 single head heat pumps or 20 tons of cooling capacity are now eligible to participate […]